Monday, January 17, 2011

Break Free

As I stand over your bloody corpse,
I know something within myself died.
But my swollen eyes show no remorse
They have for too many nights sobbed & cried.

I embraced you with your dreams,
While you crushed mine under the burden of your love.
No one heard my silent screams,
But the broken smile and my pale skin from above.

I had given my best,
But you failed me at my worst.
I thought I was blessed with a gold crest,
But in disguise I was cursed.

Cursed.. with an innate ability to love
And not let go..
But tonight I have murdered my love..
My undying love for a man,
A Man who trampled me so low.

Now I know that I have let go..
As I stand over your bloody corpse.
A void is formed by the death of my undying love,
for better or for worse..

I shall bury it deep under my garden,
And plant new seedlings on it.
Now only the earth shall bear my love’s burden,
While I go seeking another piece of shit.

And this, my darling me,
Is the fate of my cursed love.
Tonight I break free..
With it murdered and buried, while I walk above.

For my friends.. I wish them a lifetime heartbreak resistance :D Together we shall rejoice forfeiting our sorrows, instead of grueling in self loath. :)

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